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Commercial law

As soon as business relations are established in international trade, a number of commercial law regulations must be observed.

For example, when concluding a sales contract with a business partner in another European country, UN sales law may be applicable, and in some cases even mandatory. Since this law contains, for example, in the areas of liability as well as in the treatment of defaults, in part considerably stricter regulations than the national German law, it is urgently advisable to seek advice before concluding a contract with a German business partner as to whether national or UN sales law is to be applied, in order to agree, if necessary, on the applicability of a particular legal system.

In this context, we also undertake the drafting of contracts of any kind and the preparation and review of general terms and conditions.

Should other legal questions or legal disputes arise in your company, such as in the area of labor law, unfair competition or the settlement of insurance claims, we will be happy to assist you as advisors.