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Family Law

German family law includes not only matrimonial law but also the law of parent and child as well as alimony law, and in a broader sense also guardianship and custody law.

In addition to providing comprehensive advice in these areas of family law, our firm specializes in issues that arise only in the international arena.
For example, German law provides for special features for marriages abroad and marriages between persons of different nationalities, which need to be clarified at an early stage.

It is often already questionable which of the legal systems applies at all. However, this aspect in particular is of essential importance with regard to the different consequences in the area of divorce, maintenance and property law.

A divorce that has taken place in Canada or the USA only has legal effect in Germany if it has been recognized in a formal procedure in Germany. Therefore, remarriage is only possible after such recognition. In the case of a spouse’s maintenance obligation, it is relevant how maintenance claims can be recognized and effectively enforced in the respective other country. Especially in this point, our representation and cooperation partners in Germany are ready to assist you.