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Inheritance Law Germany

As soon as an inheritance matter involves a foreign country, both the future testator and heirs are confronted with a multitude of problems.

It must be expected that different national inheritance laws with partly mutually exclusive regulations will be applied. Early advice gives the testator in particular the opportunity to avoid undesirable legal successions by drawing up a will. However, it should also be noted here that a will abroad often only takes effect under certain conditions.

Once the succession has occurred, the question arises for the heirs as to whether a certificate of inheritance is required. The community of heirs which may have arisen with the inheritance causes difficulties for the Canadian co-heirs, especially because it is difficult to make effective decisions due to the great distance. In this case, our cooperation partners in Germany are at your side to help you.

Especially in view of the ever increasing inheritance tax in Germany, we offer you our many years of experience in the field of anticipated succession and will be happy to advise you.