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Inheritance Tax Law

When dealing with inheritance tax issues, double taxation treaties, which exist between Canada and Germany as well as between the USA and Germany, play a major role.

In German inheritance tax matters, we can assist you.

We can assist you in preparing tax returns and negotiating with the German tax authorities. Through our cooperation partner in Germany, it is also possible for us to represent you in appeal proceedings.

Even in the case of gifts, German law generally requires a gift tax return. We will be happy to take care of these procedures, which are quite unknown in North America, for you as well.

If Canadian tax regulations are relevant, we are happy to work with your Canadian tax advisor. In addition, we have been in close business contact for years with a German-speaking Canadian tax firm based in Vancouver, which also has detailed knowledge of German tax law.

Thus, with special consideration of the regulations of the double taxation agreement, we guarantee a seamless coverage of tax law issues in the area of conflict between Canada and Germany.