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Retention Permit

A possible way to dual citizenship Canada/USA – Germany

You would like to apply for Canadian or American citizenship?
Usually you have to give up your German citizenship for this. However, the so-called Beibehaltungsgenehmigung is your possibility to obtain the Canadian or American citizenship and to keep the German one (dual citizenship).
With us you will receive a complete package for the necessary procedure: Our staff will check the requirements for you, review documents, prepare your papers, discuss all possible contingencies, file the application for you and accompany you through the entire procedure. Due to our decades of experience with the relevant authorities and a corresponding number of successful applications, you can be sure that this topic is in the right hands with us.


The term Beibehaltung describes the acquisition of American or Canadian citizenship while retaining German citizenship. If successful, this process leads to dual citizenship.
Importantly, a retention permit must be applied for prior to accepting U.S. and Canadian citizenship.


If the above requirements apply to you, you can submit appropriate applications to the German authorities. Such applications, meanwhile, can be nerve-wracking, time-consuming and energy-consuming. Also, you may find that your application has already been rejected by the relevant authorities (the consulate or the Federal Administrative Office) or that rejection is imminent. In all these cases we are an experienced partner at your side. We advise you in all questions of dual citizenship, retention and re-naturalization.
We offer you individual advice tailored to your specific case. We inform you about your chances of success and optimize your application. No matter in which stage of your procedure you are, we are there for you. This begins with the compilation of the documents required for the application and includes all the justifications necessary in your individual case. Of course, our services also include support during the subsequent administrative procedure until its conclusion.


You are a German citizen and want to become a Canadian or US citizen due to your circumstances. However, as usual, you do not want to lose your German citizenship.

The most important requirements are:

  • A continuing connection to Germany (for example: Relationships with close relatives in Germany, ownership of real estate in Germany, an apartment for your own use, as well as any pension or insurance claims, etc.).
  • An explanation of why you want to acquire Canadian/American citizenship (for example, what significant disadvantages, especially economic, will be eliminated by acquiring Canadian/American citizenship).

Sounds simple, but …

No rule without exception. Of course, there are also various exceptions for the two cases mentioned. Not only for this reason it is recommended to consult a law firm with German lawyers. We check prerequisites for you, sift through documents, prepare papers and discuss possible contingencies with you. In this way, you optimize your chances of receiving a positive decision on your application for re-naturalization and thus for a German passport.