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German Labor Law

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We support our clients in all matters of German labor law.

Whether you want to set up a subsidiary, work in Germany, or have your employees work in Germany, you will need help understanding German labor law. Our experienced and devoted lawyers can guide you through applicable regulations and develop the best possible, custom-made solutions for you and your company.

Employment Contracts in Germany

Navigating German Labor Law

German labor law can be an obstacle for both employers and employees, presenting legal issues that are uncommon in other countries, especially those outside the European Union. German labor law provides salaried staff with: probationary periods, protection against dismissal, and paid parental leave. An experienced German lawyer specialized in labor law can help you best navigate the unique challenges of German labor law.

We check existing employment contracts, prepare new contracts, and thoroughly review related documents.

Our attorneys will review your options and provide you with the best possible solution.

Transferring Employees to Germany

What employees and companies should know

It is not uncommon to temporarily transfer staff to work in Germany. The moment your employee(s) arrive in Germany, new rules apply. The new German Posted Workers Act (das Arbeitnehmer-Entsendegesetz, AEntG) regulates workplace conditions. The employer must grant employees certain working conditions for the period of temporary employment in Germany.

To avoid any mistakes and misconceptions consult with our experts in labor law

Work Visas

One of the most important documents you or your employees need is a work permit.

To pursue any professional activity in Germany, you will need a work or residence permit. There are several permit options from the general work permit to the EU Blue Card. A labor lawyer can help you select the best option.

Our lawyers review your documents and discuss all the options with you so you can get to your desired professional destination in Germany quickly and effectively.

Your Legal Consultants

Hubertus Liebrecht
Foreign Legal Consultant
Notary Public

Rechtsanwalt Hubertus Liebrecht (also Foreign Legal Consultant in Alberta) has been successfully advising and representing clients in Canada and the United States on all matters of German law for more than 30 years. With his broad network in Germany, Hubertus Liebrecht offers fast and effective solutions to all problems from citizenship law to debt collection.

Hubertus Liebrecht has also been Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Calgary since 2012.

Richard Rummel, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt (Germany)
Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht/
Specialist for Labor law (Germany)
Foreign  Legal Consultant

Richard Rummel is a specialist lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)  for labor law in Germany and also Foreign Legal Consultant in Alberta.  He advises companies, executives and individuals on business immigration to Germany. He has been practicing law for 13 years and has focused on international legal relations and international business law issues. His focus is on Canada and the United States.

Mr.  Rummel was recognized by “Best Lawyers” as one of the “The Best Lawyers in Germany” for corporate law.  He was also recognized by “Handelsblatt” as one of “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2021” for corporate law.


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