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German law in Canada

With our office in Calgary we offer comprehensive legal advice by experienced German lawyers and Foreign Legal Consultants in Alberta. We support you in all questions of German law and, through our exclusive cooperation with SNP Schlawien Partnerschaft, Germany, offer you an extensive network of experienced German lawyers and tax advisors throughout Germany.

We advise you competently on site in Canada on all questions touching on German law and also represent you in court matters before courts in Germany itself. Whether it is a matter of german citizenship law and dual citizenship, inheritance, the purchase of a company or the establishment of a subsidiary, with our expertise and experience we are your contact for German law in Canada.

Our Services (german law only)

Due to our many years of experience, we are aware of the concerns and wishes of our clients and therefore offer your personal all-round carefree package, tailored to your individual case. We not only relieve you of worries, but also of work, so that you can concentrate on your family and your core business.

Our team consists of excellent lawyers with decades of experience in Germany and Canada. With us, you have a trustworthy and reliable partner at your side for all questions of German law in Canada. Unique are our cooperations with various partners in Canada, Germany and worldwide. With our exclusive cooperation agreement with SNP Schlawien as one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany, we have a nationwide network of successful and excellent lawyers and tax advisors at our disposal, who always work out optimal solutions to problems with expert knowledge and personal commitment.

In cooperation with SNP Schlawien Partnerschaft mbB